Kody Wilson Illustration

A Brief Timeline of Kody WIlson's History as Kody the WX Guy


High School Mentorship

Mentored by highly-acclaimed Boise, ID meteorologist, Vin Crosby, throughout high school and graduated from Vale High School in Treasure Valley, Oregon in 2008.


University of Northern Colorado

Attended the University of Northern Colorado and graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science Degree with an emphasis in Meteorology.



Many Treasure Valley residents came to know that winter as 'Snowmageddon'. Kody Wilson helped guide local residents through what was considered one of the worst winters in 40 years—below zero temperatures, several feet of snow and ice (which ultimately caused many roof collapses), and over $100 Million in damage to the onion crop in Malheur and Owyhee Counties.

DEC 2016—FEB 2017

Treasure Valley Weather Headquarters

In the midst of the Snowmageddon event—Treasure Valley Weather Headquarters was born and its Facebook page was created. This page grew rapidly—attracting 6000 followers within the first two months.

JAN 2017

Denver & Front Range Weather

A few months after launching the Treasure Valley Weather Headquarters Facebook page, Kody began a second weather forecast and education page for Denver, Colorado. In May 2017, the Facebook page for Denver & Front Range Weather was created and grew to 500 followers by March 2019.

MAY 2017

The Colorado Bomb Cyclone of 2019

The Bomb Cyclone of 2019 caused explosive growth for the Denver & Front Range Weather Facebook page. The account grew by an astonishing 10,000 followers during that month due to Kody's accurate, educational, and thorough coverage of the severe winter snowstorm.

MAR 13, 2019


KBW, LLC was officially formed.

FEB 2020

The Transparency Project

Kody the WX Guy implemented a series of weather forecasts called 'The Transparency Project' where he pulled the curtain back on a complicated forecast for a blizzard that ended up becoming Denver's 4th biggest snowfall on record dating back to the 1870s. The Denver & Front Range Weather Facebook page grew by 20,000 followers that week alone.

MAR 2021

The Greeley Stampede

The Greeley Stampede organizers reached out to Kody Wilson to provide his weather forecasting services for one of the largest outdoor 4th of July celebrations and Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) events in the United States. Kody has continued to work annually as the official meteorologist for the Greeley Stampede which draws in an estimated crowd of nearly half a million people between June 22nd and July 4th in Greeley, Colorado every year.

JUN 2021

The Marshall Fire

Kody guided residents in Boulder County through a series of forecast and fire weather updates during the most destructive wildfire in Colorado state history—the Marshall Fire. Unusually dry and windy conditions due to relentless downsloping via a La Niña weather pattern set the stage for a wind-driven wildfire that tore through the urban interfaces of Superior and Louisville, Colorado. The result was catastrophic: over 1,000 buildings burned to the ground (most of them homes), over $2 Billion in damage, and the tragic deaths of two people.

DEC 30, 2021

Kody the WX Guy Website

The Kody the WX Guy website was launched, bringing both Denver & Front Range Weather and Treasure Valley Weather Head Quarters under one domain for easy access and brand continuity.

JUL 2023