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I moved to Colorado shortly after, where I graduated in 2012 with my Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in Meteorology from the University of Northern Colorado. My passion and focus is on Microscale Meteorology and Severe Weather.


September 29th, 2023

Next storm arrives tonight. Beautiful week next week!

Good mernin and happy Friday!

Our next advertised storm system will move into eastern Oregon and southwest Idaho from the west late tonight. Should be partly cloudy skies for most of the day with increasing clouds developing after dark.

After dark is when we will see the wind kick up as well with gusts approaching 30mph especially on the valley floors going towards midnight and heading into the day on Saturday.

Scattered rain showers will move into Central and Eastern Oregon in the late afternoon & evening with SW Idaho remaining dry until sometime between 3am-6am Saturday morning when rain showers will develop as the trough of low pressure moves overhead.

The majority of high resolution model data with support from global ensemble data supports scattered showers and windy conditions over the majority of the region through the day on Saturday with a slight eastward shift during the day on Sunday.

On Sunday, the best chance of rain will be east of Mountain Home going into the Magic Valley, the Boise Mountains, Salmon Challis National Forest and Wood River Valley. High temperatures on the valley floors will struggle getting above 60 degrees over the weekend.

Overnight Saturday into Sunday mernin, and then again overnight Sunday into Monday mernin, snow levels will be low enough for wet snur to accumulate on the higher peaks mainly in central and eastern Idaho.

After Monday, we will begin a drying trend with temperatures slowly moderating through the 60s and into the low 70s! Very splendiferously beautiful and seasonal for this time of the year.

I’ll continue to update on this incoming storm system in future updates.

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